Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Branding- Creative Competency

When I got to Ikea, I can get basically anything for my apartment. Little things, big things. I know before I go it will be fairly cheap and it will look cool. I go to Ikea because that's how they brand themselves.

Target is similar to Ikea in that it's a one stop kind of place but its broader. I can get my clothes there, food, etc. And with their "Design for All" logo, I know, from that but also experience, that it will be afforable and good.

I always buy Herbal Essence. It smells good. It will always smell good. Honestly, once they did the package redesign, I wanted to buy it even more.

Droog brands themselves as clever and dry. They are innovative. I know when I go to their website, I'll see things I haven't seen before and it keeps me interested.Josh Jakus is smart, simple, and clever. Mainly uses the gray felt but also he does the placemats with the napkin catch in rubber. His colors all fit together and everything feels like it belongs together.
Apple's brand is so cohesive it's ridiculous. You can always spot an Apple product and that's what they want.
It's my understanding that Chipotle doesn't spend money on advertising? The coloring of their store though is recognizable and they have a cohesive feel. It's also a brand I know I'm loyal too. I do not eat at Qdoba.
Absolut Vodka has a recognizable shape to their bottle. When it was designed in the 70's, it was considered very different. Their ads are good and recognizible. They change their ads only so much which is really smart. You know its them always but in a new way.

I love Simply Orange. When I see their bottle, I want to drink orange juice. I want to drink Simply Orange orange juice. I am so easily swayed by packaging. But really, they make a lot of different juices and their bottle has a good shape and it's clear, which works for them bcasue their juice looks delicious.