Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Market Research

So I've been searching Etsy for rubber jewelry and I haven't really found much. Mainly I've seen chainmail that's been done with metal rings and rubber rings.

I also found
So this is pieces of bike tire. (click photos to get to etsy shop)

This is a rubber chain. She also goes rubber ties etc. She's my favorite of what I've found. Also really reminds me of Arthur Hash.
This is a resin bead with rubber loops.

Then of course there is Nervous System.
Their silicon rubber is cut by waterjet.

And here is Arthur Hash taking old rubber objects and turning them into jewelry.

I'm having even more trouble finding contemporary filigree work. Most filigree on etsy is vintage beads and findings. Everything not on etsy seems to be like really high end and fancy and for a different generation? I want my production line to be a really fun take on filigree.

AAR for Project Green Object

I like my choice of materials. I also think I did well with the time constraints and mapping out my time management. I do like the idea of my project still. I also like the stitching that I did.
I over thought this project. It was supposed to be a quick thing and I spent too much time making something that wasn't stable enough and wasn't practical for production.
What Ifs
I wish I had made brooches like discussed in the crit. I want to. I could have had a bunch of quick brooches for the crit and I think those would have been really nice and better for production.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thesis Sketches

These are my initial Honors Thesis sketches. Just met with Jan yesterday so a lot of this is rapidly changing, but this is what I have so far.


Going to Bluehouse on the first day of Design and Production was really exciting. It was cool to see a company being so globally responsible and with really cool and innovative products. And it's so close by! These are some of the items I enjoyed the most.

How cool is this placemat? It's made from recylced rubber and theres a cutout in it that, utilizing popup technolgy, acts as a napkin ring, so you don't need to buy a separete product or worry about losing them.Bluehouse actually had quite a few felted items. I love the clean lines they all had. It's thicker felt than I have made and all of it had a really sturdy, clean, and modern feel to it. It makes me want to give felting another try.
I think bamboo is a really pretty material. Wood in general is lovely and this is a sustainable alternative that looks just as nice but h as it's own unique feel to it.
I really liked the bike chain products becasue they all felt so accesible to me. They chain segments were welded togheter to create a stationary functional product. It's jsut about finding the right material. So I found that really exciting.