Monday, December 10, 2007


Malia, Joe. "Public Private." Joe Malia Design. Joe Malia. 01 Dec 2007

Dery, Mark. "Pod Complex." IDOnline. June 2007. ID Magazine. 01 Dec 2007
Article in ID about apple prodcuts that has a unification reference at the beggining.

Flanagan, Barbara. "Your Friendly Neighborhood Mosque." IDOnline. Apr 2006. ID Magazine. 02 Dec 2007
This came up in a search for both reilgion and privacy. Two birds.

Khemsurov, Monica. "Private First Class." IDOnline. Nov 1006. ID Magazine. 02 Dec 2007

I'm still having trouble getting into Metropolis archives, but I've been trying periodocially.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Better Color

Materialise Again

So I figured out their website (thanks for the tips guys!). Pictures! Research!

I'm really drawn to the Private Collection. Some of the products focus on kind of a biological defination while others on an emotional.
This one is more biological. It's called Detail.mgx. It's a fingerprint lampshade, which I'm feeling particularily fond of after phalanges. It's made by Dan Yeffet and it's about the privacy you give up by sharing your fingerprint.
This is Downlod.mgx. It's by ross Lovegrove. The pen is based on the negative shape his hand makes.

This is Silver_Shaman.mgx by Arik Levy. This addresses an emotional side of priivacy. It's a vessel to carry momentoes in. I think it's just lovely.

This is Especially_For_You.mgx by Amanda Levete. It forms a bowl that says "this is designed especially by me for you with love" .

I really like the idea of the Private collection. It htink that for my project I'll proabably use this idea as m y base. I haven't decided if I want to go an emotional or biological route thoguh, b/c I find both sides interesting. I might try to include both but I don't want it to get too busy. I'll explore it in my thumbnails.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I don't know anything about Dubai so I found this interesting. Basically they really want to be good at design and haven't found their way yet. It was supposed to be a lot like Las Vegas, except that they didn't make fun of themselves. They took this sense of design a little too seriously for how cheesy it was. They were borrowing a lot of ideas and even slogans from the Western world. It sounds like they have different copyright laws, but I'm curious as to how that transfers over seas? The clothes that the people of Dubai wore were very elegantly simple and made for the hot weather. The designers thought that they should learn from the design of their clothes and use these ideas more. I found it interesting that it is almost shameful to be a designer there and want to know more about that.

Rapid Prototyping-
I do kn ow a little about this but I learned a little more about it. Basically, rapid prototyping is a 3D printer.. You get your design on a computer using 3D modeling software and can actually print out a tangible form. You can do this with a range of materials, really anything stackable I believe? The machines are still very expensive. They could someday be used for production instead of prototyping.

Monday, October 29, 2007


So my camera...not so good. None of my color came out very nice. I took pictures of nice color, but you can't really tell that well. I played around w/ the flash but that seemed to help pretty minimally.

My really really green coat.

I liked the browns and creams in this teabag

This apple is actually very pretty shades of red and green.

A purple vase?
I like the subtle greenish brownish yellowish thing going on.
Orange and light blue, but it looks white.
Creams and browns?
Yellows and oranges
Really bright blue and green. See Karen's shoes for futher detail.
I really like bright colors.

This wood looked much much richer

That's supposed to be really red.


Ok so I went to today and they had some pretty cool stuff. Unfortunaetly, I'm having trouble with their website. Ther's no option to copy or save their images? Is anyone esle having trouble with that?

So even though I don't have pictures, I really like the lamps and necklace by Arik Levy. It says it's made from epoxy and there's all these holes for the light to come through.

I also like the lamps by Strand and Hvass made from nylon. They''re called chaos and they remind me of twigs.

There's also a foral wall lamp by Lionel Theodore Dean that's beautiful. It's foral and plays with shodow on the wall and made from nylon.

I was also having trouble with getting information out of their webpage. I cliekd on designer information and it was blank. Is there a trick I'm missing?

I'll google them later see what I can find. Sorry about the lack of pictures. Much less interesting this way.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

AAR for Droog

-I think the Droog mentality was there. It interacted with the user (interchangeable buttons). It was also decorative but functional.
-I incorporated the new techniques (solder inlay, etching, roll printing, lamination inlay)
-I made schedules for myself and followed them fairly well.

-I felt like my craftsmanship in some areas could have been better (getting off the solder behind the hooks better; the loop was not fully soldered by the first day of crit).
-Some of the mechanisms were a little crude.
-The lamination was not soldered on one part, which became apparent after dapping.

What Ifs:
-I would have tried to get my idea thought up sooner to have more time to work.
-If I had more time to work, I would have focused more on the little things with craftsmanship because they really do make the difference.

Monday, October 8, 2007

10 Favorite Words


Not all of these are really my top favorites, and I know I'm missing some, but I feel like these words are cool enough to at least be listed. I'll add the others as I think of them.
Also, by making this list, I discovered that I really like words that begin w/ F I guess? Good to know...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pretty rings

These rings at are so beautiful. They're all made of different kinds of wood and are really nicely done. I have a soft spot for the Tree Grows in Brooklyn ring (below) because it's pretty much my favorite book of all time.

There's a bunch of different ones, some that include stones, some metal, etc. I saw it at 2modern.

DIY Calendar!

This calendar totally reminded me of the "Do" collection at Droog. It seems to be sold out at Etsy unfortunately. I found it at Poppytalk.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So here are the sketches I keep promising. Basically, it's a brooch that will hold down a co llar through oversized, interchangeable buttons. The oval shape is the loop to hold down the button. I wanted it to look kind of stitched.

I think I want to make three buttons and really use the techniques we've been learning.

The scan isn't too good, but the top one would be lamination inlay of a bullseye shape and kind of seeing how it would come out. The bottom left is a twisty scroll design I thought I could etch. The bottom right is solder inlay.