Thursday, December 18, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

More from Second Life

I still have more to do, but here's my progress.

Doing this has made me think a lot about an actual display. There are some things that I did a certain way in Second Life because it works better that way or because I have limited building knowledge. In actuality, I think I would by cool cake stands that were plain but nice. Possibly alter them depending on what I find. But have those and like bowls and trays basically tiled with pieces. I like the idea of having a bright backdrop and then white and plain display pieces because my work is so colorful.
This weekend I stopped by the Godiva store to check out how they display candy. It's all these little white oblong bowls filled with candy. It's made me think about the kind of bowls I would want to use. They'd need to be interesting but also be enough of a backdrop.
I like the idea of having a bowl of candy to make it smell nice and be candy store like.
Also, has anyone been to Johnny Cupcakes? T-shirts with cupcakes on them. They have some stores that are like bakeries. I know this isn't the fisrt time this idea has been played up so I will really need to make it fit my style.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Second Life!

Here was my display in second life from Tuesday. I'm making a little bakery for my work.
I added a floor today in class which I think helps make in look more finished, not that it's finished at all. Not sure what I should do about a roof yet or if I should have one? On tghe displays, I have a few cakestands and plates. Next I need to color correct and format some photos and upload them. I might make some trays? I'm going to try and go to Godiva or something this weekend and look at their displays.Here's me sitting at my table!