Monday, April 28, 2008

Arthur Hash

I think by now, we're all pretty much aware of Arthur Hash, especially if you're in Doug's class. But still, he's definitely worth mentioning.

He uses a lot of different materials to make a variety of products. He seems to really be employing laser cutter to make things like his coffee stain and milk jug brooches. I really love milk and I would really love to have that brooch.

He also has been doing things though with the bottom of shoes and focusing in on specific parts of the shoe sole.
I think the ring below clearly shows that he maintains humor in his work. A lot of it is really fun and quirky.

I think it's really exciting that he's coming in the Fall.

Hella Jongerius

So I first saw these plates on Liz's blog and knew that Hella Jongerius needed to be checked out. I mean, I was going to anyways, b/c Jan said to....but seeing these plates made it a priority. I like them a lot.

These vases are sold at Ikea. I want them bad.

Anyways, Hella Jongerius has a wide range of products. I'm posting a lot of plates and vases, but she has a lot of furniture too.
"Designer Hella Jongerius (1963) has become known for the special way she fuses industry and craft, high and low tech, tradition and the contemporary."
All her design are really nice, and I read on Liz's blog that she is really into design more than making and really focuses on that. She also has a wide range of production styles. Limited edition, mass production, one offs, unlimited editions.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pegs and banjos

So all of these are probably a little to small to see the actual pegs on, but the banjos are all nice anyways.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Secrets secrets are no fun...?

So if you haven't recently checks out Karen's blog, you should. There is a KAREN magazine. And it's amazing and I want it. "In KAREN magazine fashion is a T-shirt about the emotional world of the potato and beauty is goose pimples on the beach." Seriously. It's just ordinary things. It has a recipe for roadkill peacocks? Yes, it's just that cool.

I found it so randomly it was amazing. I was on a blog that linked to another blog. And that blog had shopping links on it. And then on one of the shopping sites off to the side there was a link that said KAREN. And I just had to know. And so I found it. And then five minutes later someone called to make a tour reservation and they lived on Karen Lane. It was just a Karen kind of day.

Anyways, I love little ordinary things and taking notice of them. Turning something uninteresting into something interesting just by noticing it. Little moments that everyone has. That no one else knows about, because why would they? We all do things or think about things and have since childhood that it doesn't even register that they actually happen or that we should take notice because they seem so normal to us. And so we don't tell anyone. It doesn't even occur to us to tell anyone. And then we have a little tiny secret. Not because it needs to be a secret or because we want it to be a secret but only because no one knows that it happened. I love little tiny secrets. When I realize a little tiny secret that I have, I try and tell someone about it. Usually the boyfriend, b/c why would anyone else care (does he?) . I just think it's interesting because as much as you might try to share your life with someone, it's impossible to fully.

So in honor of noticing the ordinary and all that is KAREN magazine (roadkill peacock dinners included), I'm going to share a little tiny secret I had yesterday. There's this part of Garden State where Natalie Portman like freaks out in one spot and does an original moment that no one else has ever done right there. I do that all the time except in much more parred down terms. I like to think about if anyone has ever stood in the exact same spot that I'm standing in. Maybe it's been similar but was it exactly the same? Or were their feet slightly closer together? And even if the feet where in the same exact spot, were their hips tilted to the side? And maybe, just maybe there was one time when there feet were in the same spot and they stood straight up, but that was the time their arms were crossed. The best part is that I'll never know.

Could this be worth exploring in a jewelry format and what would that look like are the questions I'm now asking.

Monday, April 14, 2008

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


A 3D printer that can print copies of itself making 3D printers affordable??? Maybe soon? How cool and like kind of freaky would that be? It would reduce the cost from $25000 to $500. They're not there yet, but it is being developed, so that's really cool.