Monday, April 6, 2009

Secret Poem!

I have a cousin named Helen and she is awesome. She is one of my favorite people um, ever. She's in her freshman year at college and is an amazing writer. And she has a poem about secrets!!! Since she's awesome and like my favorite, she's letting me post it on my blog!

Secrets, Secrets

Cady has a secret, and she keeps it in her pocket
Or sometimes tucked behind her ear or safely in her locket
She often puts it in her palm, it glows and glitters there,
And the oftener she looks at it the more she wants to share.
So one day on the playground, Cady sneaks behind a tree
She breaks her secret into two, then breaks it into three.
She passes pieces to her friends, they oooh in admiration
But Cady soon forgets her fleeting feelings of elation.
She somehow hates her secret now, and doesn’t want it more
When taken out, it fails to shine and sparkle like before.
And so she stuffs it out of sight and tries hard to forget
The fragments scattered through the class
One face, lined with regret.
Time passes, and she can’t recall quite how it used to glisten
She has no secrets any more. No one wants her to listen.

She has a bunch more great ones on her blog.

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