Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Websites

Biba Schutz's site has easy navigation. The website is clear, and the design looks nice.

Lynette Andreasen has a blog at blogger. I think she does a good job of making it her own. She work is the first thing you see when you go to her blog and it's a good picture and it makes me want to see more.

Margaux Lange's site is visually pleasing and easy to navigate. I think easy naviagtion is really important. The different sections are clearly listed nad she also has a large photo of her work so you know right away if you want to see more. You don't have to search just to get an idea.

Kate Cusack has a very clean site. Once again, easy to navigate. Clean, clear, effective.

I go to Design*Sponge a lot. There's a lot of caetgories on the side, mak ing it easy to navigate through past entries. The overall design is reminecent of an office desk. I like to think its representative of her actual desk.

This is one of the alumni's, Eliza Mundy, website. There are three links at the top, all of which navigate away from the site. I think its good that she has this front page to connect her different links. It showcases her work well and the overall design is very cohesive and matches her work. I think its a really good front page.

Diem Chau's website is very clear. All the links are at the top. There is an image to focus on. You know what you're getting form the first page.

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